Tacprogear Grip - Tactical Gloves

  • $28.00

Tacprogear Grip - Tactical Gloves

The Tacprogear Grip glove is an excellent overall choice for every day shooters offering superb dexterity and “tacky” fingertips for increased sensitivity and finger control. The palm and knuckle areas are padded to protect the hand from impact and vibration. Standard closure features include high quality elastic straps with hook and loop. The Tacprogear logo is visible on the backhand without attracting unnecessary attention.


  • Padded palm & knuckles protect from impact & vibration
  • Tacky fingertips increase sensitivity & finger control
  • Neoprene padded knuckles
  • Superb dexterity: an excellent glove for shooters

Available colors:

  • Black