IR Tools Military & Law Enforcement Personal ID – Photo-luminescent

  • $36.00

This  Photo-luminescent “glow in the dark” patch will protect you against accidents or injuries in operations that require identification with the naked eye. A charged patch gives off a blue green glow for up to 8 hours and can easily be seen in the dark.
Available in hybrid and printed styles.


How the Photo-luminescent Patch Works

As seen in the dark with the naked eye.
The luminescent material on this patch is charged by absorbing energy (white light) and then will appear in the dark as a blue green glow to the naked eye. Patch is fully charged in 20 minutes by exposure to light (white light or sunlight) and will glow in the dark immediately. A fully charged patch can be seen with the naked eye for up to 8 hours. This patch is not recommended for covert operations but can be seen with a Night Vision device - no illuminator is necessary.