IR Tools Military & Law Enforcement Personal ID – 2′ TIP Panels

  • $2.67

Thermal panels work without power because like all our Thermal films the panel will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃, and when viewed with a Thermal scope the panel appears dark or cold. Made from the highest quality raw materials these no power, passive panels are visible through sand, smoke and fog which makes them a great protector against friendly fire casualties. Some Panels Require a State Department Export License

Thermal Panels Air to Ground or Ground to Air Identification These lightweight 2’ x 2’

Thermal identification panels are excellent for air to ground and ground to ground signaling.  Lightweight and easy to use, the panel will effectively identify a “friendly” position when viewed with a Thermal imaging device. Dark contrast of the panel with surroundings (panel is black, surroundings white) in any terrain or weather condition helps to identify and protect against friendly fire casualties. 
Features • For use with a Thermal imaging device (FLIR) • Size 2’ x 2’ • Available with or without graphics • Brown, Tan, OD Green, Orange color film • Ripstop or denier fabric backing • Durable Hook backing