FTS (Fluid Technology Solutions) Ranger Bladder kit

  • $615.00

Volume: 3L (2.5 with filter inserted) 

Filtration production: .8L / hr

Filter Life: 90 days

Why do FTS osmotic water filters perform so well in nature? Because they come from nature. Made from plant-derived cellulose, the Ranger’s membrane filter is tough, loves water, and is virtually clog-proof. This means it works every time, no matter how bad the water source.

More importantly, its amazing 0.0003 micron pore size assures safety and peace of mind when you need to drink from a compromised water source. The Ranger has two water compartments. The front port is for potable water, if available. If not, the wide-mouth top opening accesses the compartment with the filter cartridge. Fill the Ranger with compromised water through this open- ing, inject one syrup pouch, and the system automatically begins filtering water without any energy input or pumping. Just put the bladder on your back and continue on your way. Hands-free filtration and a great tasting drink that will energize you with calories and electrolytes.

You well receive 1 Ranger Bladder, 1 Filter, 10 Syrups & Cleaning kit.  Resupplies can be purchased separately.