Celox™ RAPID Gauze Hemostat Z-fold

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Celox Gauze is the treatment for severe bleeding. This hemostatic gauze has been in use by UK and other forces and is now recommended by the US military Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care.  It uses the proven Celox granules laminated on to a dense gauze, so it is quickly and easily packed into bleeding wounds. The hemostatic gauze is especially useful in challenging conditions, in wind, rain or poor visibility.


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In the recent DoD comparative study, Celox Gauze had the least overall blood loss, the highest observed survival and the highest overall hemostasis of all products.

Celox Gauze is a high density gauze, impregnated with the proven Celox granules, individually sterile packed in a ruggedized pouch with tear notches for fast opening. It is available in 5 foot z-folded pack for individual first aid kits and 10 foot z-fold and roll, ideal for the medic or vehicle kit.

Military Use

The US Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) has added CELOX™ Gauze to its guidelines for control of hemorrhage as approved hemostatic agents for military-wide use.   Already in use by US Special Forces due to it’s superior results, the approval of the CoTCCC makes CELOX™ Gauze a standard ordering and procurement hemostatic dressing for all branches of the US military.

Pre Hospital Bleeding

You never know what you’ll be up against next. Every year thousands of trauma victims die of hemorrhage from assault, vehicle collision, workplace and domestic accidents. As the first person on scene, you are faced with these emergencies at any time and the need to preserve life and minimise harm to casualties.